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Laser Process Setup

We conduct tests and research activities based on a comprehensively equipped welding and material laboratory. In addition to technological support for our external clients, we carry out advanced development works within the AIC S.A. group.

We care about the highest quality of our activities, which is why we constantly improve our qualifications and work on new, innovative solutions. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Laser Application Center

We are constantly developing our knowledge based on the Laser Application Center (LAC), located at our headquarters.


There, we conduct technological tests for our Clients and research new, pioneering areas. We use modern laser sources, dedicated processing heads and instrumentation for this.




Scope of Services

  • Laser welding for the battery industry
  • Laser processes: welding, structuring, laser cleaning, 3D cutting
  • Vision systems, automation and robotics

Design your laser process with RMA

We cordially invite you to benefit from the opportunities provided by the RMA Laser Technology Centre. Our Centre is a one-of-a-kind facility where you can carry out technological tests for your products, as well as leverage our professional expertise in the areas of laser welding, laser cleaning, and 3D cutting.


We are confident that with the knowledge and experience of our specialists, you will be able to gain valuable insights that will allow you to optimize your production processes and increase your production efficiency.