BW Flex

A fully flexible solution that can be used in research and development as well as in serial production.
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BW Flex

A fully flexible solution which can be used both for R&D and serial production. BW Flex integrates two independent gantry systems for the laser processing head and for the pressing unit.


This specific configuration allows taking full advantage of the scanning head capabilities by providing high welding speed and substantial work area.

Technical data

  • Welding time for a single cylindrical cell approx 0.9 s

  • Work area [mm] 1200 x 800

  • Supported cell types: cylindrical/prismatic/pouch

  • Feeding: automatic/manual

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 2400x2800x2800


Main advantages

  • Online monitoring of welding quality
  • In-process metrology
  • Full product identification - traceability
  • Easy adaptation to non-standard technical requirements

Scope of services

  • Machine design, engineering, assembly and commissioning
  • Technology development and testing
  • Full automation of the production process
  • Professional after-sales support and service
Ability to join a wide range of materials
 Advanced vision system
 Easy programming / high product flexibility

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